Youth’s Technology Interest Questionnaire (YTI)

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Suitable for

Age between 10 and 20 years (Secondary school)

Questionnaire type

Online Questionnaire


10 to 20 min


Young people’s interest in technology as a personality trait.

Level of development

Development level

Number of items


Scale level

Likert scale

Process of developing and evaluating the Youth’s Technology Interest Questionnaire (YTI)

The Youth’s Technology Interest Questionnaire (YTI) focuses on the interest of young people in technology. Through this questionnaire, we will explore different aspects of your personal attitude towards technology. Please answer the questions honestly and without being influenced by others. Your answers will help to identify patterns and correlations between personal attitudes, social factors and knowledge that can shape interest in technology. This questionnaire is assuming that interest in technology can be considered as a personal attitude that forms from various factors. Your participation is voluntary and anonymous. Thank you for your participation!

Conditions of use

Licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

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